Championship Contest Fiddling
45 Transcriptions from 15 Championship Rounds (Book + CD)

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My experience playing in fiddle contests throughout the nation has been rich and rewarding. Competition has brought out the best playing in me, practicing has taught me discipline, and listening to others has expanded my musical vocabulary. But I have often been frustrated at contests because I did not know the answers to basic questions such as, What are the judges listening for? Am I playing too fast or too slow? Am I playing too many notes or too few? Is my bowing correct? What tunes should I play? Should I modify the tunes or not? And ultimately, What do I need to do to sound like the masters?

This book provides answers to those questions. It is a book I wish I would have had when I began competing. It provides resources for fiddle players wanting to learn the methods and styles of contest fiddling from thirteen champions of the National Oldtime Fiddlers’ Contest held in Weiser, Idaho. Some of them, like Tristan Clarridge and Tony Ludiker, have won this national contest multiple times. The book and CD offer a valuable window into contest playing through detailed transcriptions, interviews, and recordings of these championship players. (View Sample Pages)